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Welcome to Bobby O's where we serve slices bigger than your face. Come in today where you can get a Speedo Slice Special for $11.9! That includes one of our Signature Topping Combos on a Red OR White Slice,  a small salad of your choice, and a fountain drink or can of soda pop!

Be on the LOOKOUT for Bobby O's BOGO coupons that we are leaving in our neighborhoods and local business locations.

We'll keep you posted on Bobby O's events on Facebook & Instagram...Cheers!


About Us

Our Concept

Tulsa Pizza Slice at Bobby O's

A new Tulsa pizza joint featuring huge slices cut from a thin crust 24" pie. Adding your choice of toppings is our specialty. Try our traditional red sauce, a white with olive oil, garlic, and ricotta, or go Gluten Free!

Historic Location

Route 66 Sidewalk Detail in Tulsa

Located just east of the iconic Meadow Gold sign on Route 66, Bobby O's took an auto shop built in 1939 and transformed it into a modern pizza restaurant.  Take a trip through the past on Route 66 and grab a slice for the road.

Serves the Local Community


Bobby O's is nestled within a thriving health care community and is dedicated to serving these customers.  That's why we built a separate Gluten-Free kitchen and made our historic building 100% handicapped accessible.

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Bobby O's slices + pies

1502 E 11th St, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120, United States



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